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I see pictures in the sky

I see rainbow everywhere...

$ky's DoLL@r
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+ TakE a PictuRe oF wHat YoU tHinK LovE loOks LiKe In YouR ImaGinaTioN +

+ All yoU HaVe To do iS cLosE YouR eYeS, ForGeT ReaL LifE AnD fAnTaSisE +

+ WhY Don'T You LiBeratE YouR MiNd, LeT YouR ColOur Fill The SkY +

+ No MattEr wHat TheY Say, WheN It ComEs To LoVe NotHinG iS iMpoSsiBlE +

+ WhaT CanNoT Be ProVed No nO, CaN Still Be tRuE +


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